Frequently Asked Questions

1 1. How does platform work? is a research paper writing company that offers services to clients on any research work by accepting orders and working them out. Customers to acquire the writing services at relatively fair terms depending on the personal capabilities.
2 2. How do I place an order from
In placing an order for the online essays writing, fill an order form by requesting for required writing services followed by payment. The professional writers then work on the paper and finalize the work by correcting any errors before submitting the final paper.
3 3. Am I entitled for a discount? offers discounts to the clients who then enjoy the cheap writing high-quality services. Frequent customers acquire great privileges for the as they acquire highly discounted offers.
4 4. Where do I submit more files for the seller to use?
The site offers a login opportunity for the clients to their specific accounts where they place the research paper on the personal account where more and more papers can be added. At the personal account level, other users cannot access the private details but only the service provider.
5 5. What is the Status of my Order what if I am not pleased with my paper?
In the instance of dissatisfaction from the online services for a completed order, there is an opportunity for revision. The revision is done at no extra cost, and the second attempt ensures that the value is rather high for customer satisfaction.
6 6. What if I need last minute revision to my order request?
The professional writers are available for the services at any time for any last minute revisions. These are highly experienced and work swiftly to fulfill all the essay writing requirements.
7 7. How will I receive my paper?
After the writing services, the completed paper is resubmitted to the personal account with the completed status upon it where the client gets it back.
8 8. How competent are your sellers?8. How competent are your sellers?
Professionalism embarks the competency of the sellers for the online services. The longtime experience, combined with the great passion for serving proves the high capabilities in attending the clients’ needs at all times.
9 9. Can I contact my seller?
Contact with the seller for any service request is available at any time in the site. The contact information section on the site provides a variety of communication methods available for the clients who seek the writing services.
10 10. Is there guarantee on my money back?
Money back is guaranteed when the seller fails to meet the customer’s demands after several attempts for online services. This becomes possible on instances when the request is either unclear or impossible to deliver at the designated period.
11 11. Are the papers plagiarism free?
The research paper worked on is plagiarism-free guaranteed. The complete work is run through a plagiarism check to ensure authenticity and eliminate any instance of similarity for the online essay.
12 12. Is this service disclosed or confidential?
Customers’ information remains confidential in all aspects from the charges, ordering to submission. Exposing a client’s information to unauthorized personnel remains highly prohibited at online service providers.
13 13. How secure is my payment method?
The payment method for the writing services remains secure as several well-recognized payment options are available. The money back also serves the purpose of securing the clients’ expenses.